Corporate and contractual assistance: 

  • Establishment, modification and dissolution of any type of company
  • Contractual consultancy related to relationships between shareholders or quotaholders
  • Consultancy related to relationships between the company and its corporate bodies
  • Preparation, evaluation and negotiation of different types of agreements​
  • Housing and updating activity of corporate books (shareholders' minutes of meeting, board of directors' minutes of meeting, bondholders' minutes, of meeting etc.).
  • Data transmission and deposits of corporate documents to the Chamber of Commerce (the Companies Register, Register of Handicraft Enterprises, etc.)

Corporate and contractual consultancy relating to:

  • Acquisition of companies or business units
  • Mergers 
  • Spin-offs
  • Acquisition and disposal of equity investments 
  • Winding-up proceedings 
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Financial Due Diligences